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About us

Our business idea was born with the wish to start a new business and the passion to begin a new project.

One day someone said to us: “ When you believe in something you give it  100%. You put all your soul into it and you get everything that you work for, you put everything you have on the line and, above all, you believe in the impossible. If you want something real… go for it without looking back”.

These words made us want to create a business and gave us the energy to begin this project with determination and constant sacrifice.

EcoMovingRent is a business created by young and dynamic people. Our only goal, day by day, is to offer a new, ecological and fun service in Barcelona with the Segway X2 electrical machines.

Our guarantee: personal service, authentic and trustworthy.

Caracteristics of our officals tours

  • All our tours are: official tours and are endorsed and guaranteed by Segway España.
  • To give our full attention and quality to all our tours the groups are small and personalized.
  • The Segway has alot to offer to groups and business. Take the opportunity with your friends or colleagues to glide with the latest model X2 Segway.
  • Every tour starts with the initial introduction to the Segway and there is a short training period (between 10 and 15 minutes, approximately). This training period is not included in the time of the official tour.
  • Our clients are protected under our insurance. If you would like further information please contact us!

More information

+34-662 006 234
e-mail: info@ecomovingrent.com